Track & Trace Solution

Any-Jet In-line Printing 

any-JET will meet all the needs of users for printing labels in less quantity. Moreover, this platform is perfect for decreasing the cost while increasing the productivity. The brand owners and manufacturers can create professional looking yet personalized labels without any hassle. This in-line printing press is capable of producing multifaceted shapes and pictures without all the difficulties of a conventional printing press. This gives them the power to create an economical, responsive, and versatile label printing environment.

  • 5,000 Labels available in an hour without retooling making plates
  • No need for professional technicians
  • Any label can be printed out at any time in a preferred quantity
  • Label printing, handily done in an office
  • Labels with highly complex images can also be cut speedily
  • Make high quality labels with reasonable price of consumables
  • Cutting and making can be performed simultaneously
  • The combination of the latest laser technology guarantees the quality of labels