Bottle Aggregation, Track and Trace, Packaging Solution for Pharmaceutical

CSPL 2020 High Speed Bottle Aggregation Systems

CSPL 2020 “Dual channel Bottle Aggregation System” is a fast and reliable system to fulfil all international requirements of serialization for track and trace

  • System is designed with 2 track by using the diverter logic to achieve the optimum speed
  • Single vision system with inbuilt light source each side
  • No need of complex 6-8 camera systems and high-end processor for the same
  • System support to all application identifier as per GS1 standard
  • ISO standard verification of barcode
  • Traffic regulation avoide congestion
  • Configurable recipe counts
  • Manual & auto mode for aggregation recipe count
  • EPCIS compatibility
  • Exhaustive validation documentation as per GAMP5
  • Multiple country complence
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Production upto 150 units per minute in small boxes
  • Special system for label detection after label applied on cartons
  • Product : medical boxes
  • Label: two security
  • Synchronized machine