Manual carton Aggregation, Track and Trace, Packaging Solution for Pharmaceutical

CSPL 1800 Manual Case Aggregation System

CSPL 1800 Manual Case Aggregation System for Pharmaceutical Serialization and Pharmaceutical Packaging

  • Simple flexible ergonomic concept design for offline manual aggregation
  • Collapsible In-feed & Out-feed tables
  • Ball transfer platform for easy handle of heavy shippers
  • Out-feed roller conveyor to transfer the boxes for further process
  • Single vision system with inbuilt light source
  • No need of multiple camera systems and hi-end processor
  • No need to re-calibrate barcode at product changeover
  • Auto focus camera for all size of products within the FOV
  • Multilayer aggregation support
  • Aggregation after generating co-relation between outsert and bottle label in bulk drug line
  • Exhaustive validation documentation as per GAMP5
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance