Serialization, Track and Trace, Packaging Solution for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

CSPL1070 PV-Print & Verification System for track and Trace

CSPL 1070 PV “Print & Verification System” for Pharmaceutical Serialization and Pharmaceutical Packaging.CSPL 1070 PV is the only system that bring the benefits like rejection marking, Invisible marking, 2 colour prints, which is very difficult to detour and also achieve the goal of keeping spurious out of supply chain. The system is specially designed to take care of aggregated show boxes of 3 ply which is bigger in size hence to accommodate the big size boxes

  • Simple flexible ergonomic concept design for offline manual aggregation
  • Collapsible In-feed & Out-feed tables
  • Ball transfer platform for easy handle of heavy shippers
  • Out-feed roller conveyor to transfer the boxes for further process
  • Single vision system with inbuilt light source
  • No need of multiple camera systems and hi-end processor
  • No need to re-calibrate barcode at product changeover
  • Auto focus camera for all size of products within the FOV
  • Multilayer aggregation support
  • Aggregation after generating co-relation between outsert and bottle label in bulk drug line
  • Exhaustive validation documentation as per GAMP5
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance